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A voyage through the tastes, aromas, and traditions of the classic foods of the Parma Food Valley, homeland of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, prosciutto of Parma, wines, and traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.


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Legend:   Guidelab = travel time from Parma        Guidelab = length of tour


A trip through the history of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, visiting two historic cheesemaking sites: one with wood-burning vats from the 1700s which has become a monument to Parmigiano Reggiano, and one from the 1800s with steam vats. Our voyage ends with a visit to a modern cheesemaker where we will witness how the “King of Cheeses” is made. Tasting available.

Guidelab 2 hours approx. | Guidelab 1/2 hour approx.


We will visit a typical cheesemaker in the very place where Benedictine monks first created Parmigiano Reggiano seven hundred years ago. We will see how the delicate milk coming from the foothills of the Apennines is transformed into this amazing cheese. We will take you into the vat room where you will have the unique experience of seeing a wheel of cheese come to life. We will visit the salting tubs and then the aging room where thousands of cheese wheels are patiently becoming ready for consumption. We will also have the opportunity to taste the genuine flavors of cheeses of various ages, with something for every palate.

Guidelab 1 hour approx. | Guidelab  1/2 hour approx.


Tour of a prosciutto factory. We will see the various stages of making this unique delicacy, visit the aging cellars, and learn why Prosciutto of Parma can only be made in the hills of Langhirano. Tasting available.

Guidelab 1 hour  | Guidelab  maximum 1  hour


Tour of an old farmhouse producing traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena, a one-of-a-kind product! We will visit their prestigious attic where the so-called “batteries” of small wooden barrels made from different kinds of wood are stored, and where the balsamic vinegar is aged for a minimum of twelve years. Tasting available.

Guidelab 1 hour  | Guidelab maximum 1  hour 


We will visit a family-run winery located in the foothills of the Apennines outside of Parma, where high-quality “Colli di Parma” wines have been produced for over a century. We will walk through the lush vineyard, visit the cellar, and taste the prestigious wines from this area, which has been planted since ancient times with the “vitis labrusca”, a vine that gave its name to this region’s most famous wine: Lambrusco. Tasting available.

Guidelab 1 hour  | Guidelab  maximum 1  hour


We will walk among the green hills, surrounded by nature among rows, ponds and woods. We will taste directly from the vine its wonderful fruits, ready, ripe and close to harvest! The walk will end in the cellar with a tasting of delicacies: a glass of good wine accompanied by cold cuts and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Ring route of about an hour (about 2 km) suitable for the whole family!

Guidelab 1 hour  | Guidelab 1/2 hour


Our journey will start at Oinoe, the city of wine, a winery that carries on the tradition of our local wine with passion and modern techniques that are attentive to the environment and sustainability. We will then walk among rows of Malvasia, Lambrusco, Barbera and Bonarda, completely immersed in nature. From there I will start to tell you about the incredible history of the town of Guardasone di Traversetolo, located on the first hills of Parma in the heart of the “Food Valley.” From the top of the hill we will admire breathtaking views, visit the church of San Lorenzo from the outside and appreciate the grandeur of the Guardasone castle, the Matildic castles and the Guardasone tower, whose beauty was put in words by the famous Italian poet Francesco Petrarca in one of his famous poems.

Along the way I will tell you stories of battles and powerful lords who lived in this small town full of history, and of a fearsome ghost that still seems to wander among these places on windy and moonless nights.

The walk will end with the tasting of the best wines of Oinoe.

Guidelab 1,5 hour  | Guidelab 1/2 hour

All of these visits can be combined into a longer tour, for example:

Food Tour:

  • morning: visit to the cheesemaker with tasting
  • tour of a Prosciutto of Parma factory with tasting
  • stop for pictures at the Torrechiara Castle
  • visit of a winemaker in the hills above Parma with lunch
  • possibility of visiting a traditional balsamic vinegar producer

Get in touch with us and we can design a tailor-made tour for you based on your interests!


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